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SMP Musikverlag is the very own publishing arm of Shah-Music. Launched to publish the own compositions and productions of the inhouse producers Roger P. Shah (DJ Shah), Oli Böhm and Pedro Del Mar, the publishing department keeps growing year by year.
Even though SMP Musikverlag is completely independent (same as the whole Shah-Music company), it has administration partners in every single territory in the world to guarantee a save network for all its composers and songwriters. Next to the main aims like doing a proper registration of compositions at the world’s copyright societies, the copyright protection itself and the royalty collection around the globe, SMP Musikverlag is actually building up a sync department taking care of so called sync-licensing to movies, films, TV, games and advertising.
Due to the connection between SMP Musikverlag and the Shah-Music labels, both departmens do also develop special album and compilation concepts to guarantee best possible exploitation of the own repertoire. Such concepts reached high chart positions around the globe including a #1 album chart position at ITunes USA.
“Our aim is not to have the biggest possible catalogue but to work with different outstanding artists, composers and songwriters from around the globe. It’s amazing to work with such talented and creative people who don’t stop composing, writing and producing high quality tunes” says Pedro Del Mar, Managing Director of Shah-Music and SMP Musikverlag.
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latest releases
SMD2227 (2014/08)
Sebastian Szczerek Feat. Justine Berg -
Because Of You
SMD2230 (2014/08)
Haig & Raffi -
Votum Separatum
SMD2211 (2013/11)
Maxim Eller & Tiff Lacey -
Wait 4 Her
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