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About Shah-Music

Introducing Shah-Music
Shah-Music is the head of all the unique departments of the whole company including the record labels, publishing, production, promotion, marketing, bookings, events, studios, radio shows and so on. The company was founded in 1995 by G. Shah and A. Shah, the parents of Roger and Patrick Shah better known as DJ Shah and Pedro Del Mar.
It all started with being a family business and it's still handled in the same way. Still owned by his mother, Pedro Del Mar is managing the whole company with assistance by an amazing team. All guys do know each other for many years now and do also work together with the passion for the same kind of music.
"I'm really proud of having such a great team in the background" says Pedro. "I can trust everybody and don't have to be scared if one of the guys will cheat you one day". That's surely one of the secrets why Shah-Music is still alive whilst many other 1st class labels died in the past years. "As we're a bit smaller as other labels, we have less costs for the infrastructure and can act faster but as well more innovative and visionary. We're also very proud that we've been one of the very first companies around who founded with Shah-Music Digital a 100% digital only label in 2003/2004."
Till mid 2008, Shah-Music Digital released around 50 releases including numerous top sales positions around the world with a #1 album sales on ITunes USA. Whilst many other label owners believe that having a nice production, sending it to some big DJs and releasing it on the global mp3 stores makes nice income, the Shah-Music team knows that you need to develop a serious strategy. Today it's all about digital marketing and excellent release plans.
Shah-Music itself released much more than 100 releases on its own labels so far and is responsible of around 200 releases on international top labels around the globe and both numbers are fastly growing. Singles have been released in more than 60 countries in all continents on earth including numerous sales charts entries and #1 dance chart positions.
The second main business of Shah-Music is done with the own publishing department. Even though being 100% independent, the SMP Musikverlag has a 1st class international network with administrators in every single country of the world. "With this network, we can guarantee that all tunes are seriously registered around the globe and that the royalties will arrive the right persons" explains Pedro. "In the past we used to do this as well on our own but due to the growing success and the growing artist rooster, we finally decided to create this global network and we're pretty happy about the first results".
There's surely much more to explore about the whole company and it's also by far not the last chapter written about Shah-Music. Feel free to have a look onto our artist rooster or enjoy listening to all our label releases of the past decade as well as a selection of some of the most important Shah-Music productions signed to foreign record companies.
If you can imagine being a part of the successful story of Shah-Music, feel free to send us your demo material through the contact page or get in touch with us in case you're having any further questions.

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SMD2211 (2013/11)
Maxim Eller & Tiff Lacey -
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